The cure for vitiligo.

The Vitiligo or Leukoderma is a disease that is characterized by loss of melanocytes in the skin, which are cells derived from neural crest that are in the basal layer of the epidermis. These melanocytes in the skin produce the pigment that give us our color: melanin. The absence of these cells causes the patient present acroma areas or white patches. The Vitiligo is diagnosed through a skin biopsy which evidences the absence of melanocytes.

The patient gradually loses skin color, white stain appear gradually in the face, extremities and genital area. Most of them have the discoloration on the hands first and then in the face.

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These stains are progressing slowly from these sites and can spread throughout the body and reach a degree of depigmentation that resembles an albino person: absence of pigment in the skin of the body, eyelashes, eyebrows and hair.

The disease is found only in the skin caused by a psychosomatic condition afflicting the patient exterminates only skin melanocytes.

It is an autoimmune disease, ie an altered immune response. For reasons still unknown, its own antibodies attack and destroy the melanocytes but not to other cells of the skin.

Many times the onset of illness is associated with a traumatic event. It is known that stress is also responsible to accelerate the disease.

La gravedad depende de como sea la perdida de pigmentación, en casos extremos, el pigmento de la piel puede desaparecer por completo.

El Vitiligo o Leucoderma es una enfermedad de la piel muy común, en un 50% de los casos se desarrolla antes de los 20 años y la sufren entre el uno y el dos por ciento de la población mundial.

La piel, por el vitiligo, resulta hipersensible a la radiación ultravioleta y puede quemarse fácilmente por la exposición al sol pero, sobre todo, afecta a la autoestima de las personas llegando a provocar graves problemas depresivos.

Es por ello que debe atenderse sus efectos fundamentales al tiempo buscar las subyacentes. Los efectos pueden combatirse muy efectivamente estimulando la reproducción de los melanocitos (con Melagenina y una dieta apropiada),  las causas básicas asociadas con el estrés son tarea de cada paciente. En algunos casos, deberá recurrirse a un psicólogo o a un psiquiatra para reforzar la actitud el bienestar mental del paciente.

The severity depends on how is the loss of pigmentation, in extreme cases, the pigment of the skin can disappear completely.

Vitiligo or Leukoderma is a skin disease very common, 50% of cases develop before age 20 and suffering from one and two percent of world population.

Because the vitíligo, the skin is hypersensitive to UV radiation and can burn easily from exposure to the sun, but especially affects the self esteem of people coming to cause serious depression.

That is why we must address its adverse impacts on the physical appearance of the patient while the root causes lie in his mind. The effects can be countered very effectively by stimulating the reproduction of the melanocytes (with
Melagenina, vitamins and with a proper diet), the root causes associated with stress are the responsibility of each patient. In some cases, must resort to a psychologist or a psychiatrist to reinforce the attitude and mental well-being of the patient.

Melanin is a pigment that has a sort of blackish brown or black color and comes in the form of granules that exist in the protoplasm of certain cells of vertebrates, these are what cause the color especially the skin, hair or the choroid in the eye.

In humans, melanin is found in skin, in the adrenal medulla, the reticular zone of the adrenal gland, inner ear, hair, in the coating of the retina and in the substantive nigra and locus ceruleus, which is " blue spot "of the brain. In this sense, one could say that melanin is the primary determinant generated by the color of human skin. Moreover, dermal melanin is produced by melanocytes.

Melagenina patent is registered in Japan, India, Hungary, England, Russian, German, United States, France and Sweden.


In México the Medicine for the treatment of vitiligo is called ANINGALEM (Melagenina Plus) registered in the Ministry of Health of Mexico with the number:  REG. No. 396 M 2002 SSA-IV.

Melagenina Plus (Melagenina + Calcium chloride) is a natural product consisting of an alcoholic extract of human placenta, which has the ability to stimulate the reproduction of melanocytes, as well as accelerating the production of melanin, so it is a drug of choice for the treatment of vitiligo to accelerate the reproduction of melanocytes remaining at the edge or interior regions of the acronyms of the patient.

Melagenina Plus is a product able to achieve the reversal of severe cases of vitiligo because potentiates in intensity and duration of the stimulating effect of skin pigmentation, typical of the Melagenina by adding calcium, and essential activator of the cellular reproduction processes and synthesis melanotic .

His presentation: amber glass bottle of 235 ml.  Composition: human placental lipid fraction extracted in alcohol (890 proof) 235 ml. and CaC12.

 It is applied once daily on the affected skin. Does not produce side effects and safety of treatment with Melagenina Plus allows its use in children as in adults, including elderly, and pregnant women during the menstrual period.

It is compatible with any food or beverage, as well as other groups of drugs, with the exception of psoralens, corticosteroids and cytostatics, which expresses antagonism. Plus Melagenina causes no side effects disadvantages, local or systemic.

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