For sale in summer

In this summer of 2010, the ANINEGALEM (Melagenina Plus) will be lowered in price as follows (plus Delivery).


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Salud Maxicor

Plaza del Perpetuo Socorro 116

Col. Plazas del Sol

Santiago de Querétaro, Qro.

México 76099


Phone: 52-442 713 3933

Skype: melagenina1


Salud Maxicor, S.A. de C.V.

Información de contacto:

To order more of two bottles of  Melageina Plus simply add the shipping cost to your country to the number of bottles you want. 

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Bottle Unit Price




One Bottle



$   115.00

Two Bottles



$ 196.00

Theree Bottles



$ 282.00

Four Bottles



$ 360.00


FedEx Shipping USD

USA and Canada

$ 66.00

Central and South America

$ 79.00


$ 77.00


$ 84.00

Rest of the World

$ 139.00